Poker Odds Calculator for Mac OS X

PokerZebra shows you the odds that a Texas Hold'em hand will win against other hands. Use it to calculate your equity in a Texas Hold'em pot.

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Using PokerZebra

Enter any board cards that are currently known, enter your hand, and enter your opponents' hands. Click on "Calculate", and PokerZebra does an exhaustive calculation of all possible outcomes.

Calculating can take a long time so PokerZebra updates the odds regularly during the calculation. Possible outcomes are evaluated in a random order to make sure that the odds converge quickly to the final values.

Evaluating a hand against unknown hands

You can evaluate a hand against an opponent who has any two cards, by using the word "random".

Putting a player on a range of hands

You can specify a player's range of hands in any of the following ways:

  • enter the word "random" to include any hand, omitting those using board cards or other players' cards

  • enter two specific cards, separated by a space: "Kh Qh"

  • two ranks: for example, AK, or TT

  • two ranks, followed by an "s" for suited hands only: AKs

  • two ranks, followed by an "o" for unsuited hands only: AKo

  • an open range. "TT+" means all pocket pairs with tens or higher. "A7+" means "AK,AQ,AJ,AT,A9,A8,A7"

  • a closed range. "77-KK" means "KK,QQ,JJ,TT,99,88,77"

  • multiple ranges separated by commas: "AA,AQs,77"